Jaguar Land Rover Developer Challenge Slovakia 2017
Building on the great success of the Jaguar Land Rover Developer Challenge on 'Connected Car' technology held in the UK last year, the team is taking the Innovation Forum to Slovakia.

Challenge no. 1

Car-sharing solution

Jaguar Land Rover's aim is to develop a mobile application that provides an alternative method of incentivising car-sharing - providing an attractive solution to the work commute and therefore decrease vehicle movement and emissions.

Challenge no. 2

Inter/Мulti-modal transport solution

The Company's aim is to investigate inter/multi-modal mobility as a service platform that looks to integrate all forms of Nitra transportation into one seamless interface, ensuring on-demand and efficient mobility. Data available will include train & bus timetables, city bikes and other useful information, which would be available through the standardised application.

Thank you all participants for great atmosphere and solutions

We congratulate to winner's teams per each category: "GoodRequest" and "min60"

Winners has got prizes in total value of over 6000 €



Friday (September 22, 2017)

Jaguar Land Rover Nitra plant

15:00 Welcome & introduction to the Jaguar Land Rover Plant 15:15 Introduction of the Developer Challenge 15:30 Q&A 15:45 Networking

Day 1

Friday (September 29, 2017)

Nitra - Conference Centre Agrokomplex

17:15 Welcome: Introduction from Jaguar Land Rover 17:45 Developer Challenge brief: Resources overview, requirements, and T&C’s 19:00 Ideas Pitching / Team consolidation 20:30 Work: innovating and coding 23:00 Mentoring round

Day 2

Saturday (September 30, 2017)

Nitra - Conference Centre Agrokomplex

00:00 Work: innovating and coding 14:00 Completion of work: Finalise the coding and prepare your presentation 16:00 Presentations (5 minutes per team) 18:30 Close: Announce winners
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Application Process

The application process is open to all who are interested and equipped to take part in the Jaguar Land Rover Developer Challenge 2017. Please find important information and deadline below.

  • More details regarding the event and applications can be found here.
  • Please apply through the Application page and fill in all required information. All applications must be received by midnight on Monday 25th September 2017.

Important deadlines regarding events and application that you should not miss:

  • Sign up for one of the MeetUPs to learn more details. Check Schedule section.
  • We are receiving applications till midnight on Monday - September 27th, 2017.


Alexander Wortberg

Operations Director

Jaguar Land Rover (Slovakia)

Tony Bainbridge

Business Excellence Manager

Jaguar Land Rover (Slovakia)

Karl Proctor

Research Manager

Jaguar Land Rover (Slovakia)

Alex Smout

Investment Manager


Laszlo Ivan



Katarina Koncošová

Smart City Programme Manager

City of Nitra


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